What is Iridology?

Iridology is the science and study of the iris of the eye. It reveals genetic markers created from the past three generations in a person’s family, so our health is only as strong as our ancestors’. Color, density of the fibers and structure are looked at to determine genetic predisposal to certain weaknesses and strengths with a person’s overall health.

Iridology is NOT a diagnostic tool in the sense that the traditional medical system uses to treat disease, as it cannot determine specific diseases. It does give us insight into what we can do to strengthen areas and systems in our body to live a healthier life.

What Iridology CANNOT DO:

  • Diagnose cancer or any other disease although it can give you indications of inherited energy weakness in the various tissues.
  • Determine if one has parasites, fungus or bacteria in any organ or system.
  • Determine constipation, toxic colon or diverticulitis.
  • Determine heavy metals or toxicity.
  • Determine if healing is taking place in any organ.
  • Determine high blood pressure or high blood sugar.


What Iridology CAN DO:

  • Tell us what conditions we are most susceptible to, such as chronic sinus and lung mucous, blood and cholesterol issues, lowered immune function and more.
  • Tell us if we inherited certain weakness from our ancestors that we can strengthen with nutrition and good lifestyle habits.
  • Determine certain traits in our personality, and life lessons yet to be learned.

Iridology is NOT a diagnostic tool; iridologists use its methods to help individuals strengthen the health with which they were born. We are born with specific strengths and weaknesses from our ancestors, especially the past three generations. Iris signs that develop in the eye are permanent signs directly related to the diet and lifestyle habits of those who came before us. If we choose to take heed to these signs and work with our diet and lifestyle habits to strengthen these inherited weaknesses, we can promote healthier future generations in our family and better health ourselves.

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