Benefits of Using Equine Iridology


Using Iridology with horses can be beneficial in many ways…

For horse buyers – knowing the genetic dispositions the horse has bred into him before buying. For instance, the horse may have an iris sign in the lung area. This may be perfectly fine for the trail horse but would not be good in a race or barrel horse.

For horse breeders – understanding the genetics of both mare and stallion before breeding can ensure a stronger disposition in the foal. For instance, the stallion has a darkened fiber area in the spine, you would want to make sure you do not breed with a mare with the same marking. This will allow future generations to improve muscle tone and structure.

For horse trainers and handlers – an iridology assessment would give insight into behaviors or movements that have suddenly developed. This allows you to address the issue with diet, supplements and perhaps a different training method. This helps the horse by giving them what they need in order to perform and is able to give the trainer what he is looking for as well.

For horse owners – iridology can help you connect and understand your horse like never before. The eye signs reveal what the horse is feeling and needing. You and your horse can benefit from this deep understanding and this will create a greater bond of trust.

The Equine Iridology Research Project does not give assessments but we do have a referral page for you to connect with an Iridologist of your choosing. To see a list of Iridologists please Click Here.

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