The Science and Development of Equine Iridology

The development of Equine Iridology followed in the footsteps of Human Iridology, the current standards being Comprehensive Iridology (CI). Much research has gone into human iridology, over the years there have been many signs and markings found in the eye with there meanings interpreted. The iridology grids have been changed to reflect our current knowledge. Equine Iridology has not advanced as much it is still in its infancy. We need hundreds of pictures to study in order to see and verify markings and iris signs of a horse.

Mercedes Colburn has made equine iridology her lifes work, she studied the eyes and worked with a holistic veternarian to construct an equine iridology chart and verified some iris markings. However, we believe there may be much more information available to us.

Please share this website and our message, we need all the pictures we can get to further the science in order to help horses and the holistic vets.

Sending in your photos is easy. First take a picture of your horses eye (see Taking an Iridology Photo) for instructions. And simply email them to us at with the basic information of the horse, name, age, breed and any known health issues or temperaments.

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This website and the entire research project is funded privately. We do not wish to collect money donations...only horse iridology pictures.