Equine Iridology Research Project

Helping horse owners,breeders, holistic vets, trainers and therapists understand the genetic dispositions of their horses through the science of Iridology.

The Science of Equine Iridology

Iridology has been used on human eyes for centuries. One uses an eye chart and studies the eyes color, texture, structure and specific iris signs. Dr. Mecedes Colburn, PhD studied horse's eyes for years and developed the equine iridology chart.This science is still in its infancy, which is the purpose for our research project. We need equine eye pictures, hundreds of them to study and further define Equine Iridology science.

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Taking an Iridology Photo

Learn how easy it is to participate in this project by taking a picture of your horse's eye to send to us.


Contribute to the Project

We need hundreds of photos to study. Your help will be instrumental in the advancement of Equine Iridology.


Equine Iridology Assessment

We thank you for contributing your horses Iridology photos. We would be happy to give you an assessment.

Help Us Help Horses...

We hope you will contribute a picture. It is free and only takes a few moments of your time.

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Contact Details

Wanda Seitz, ND, CCII
(Project Manager)

Email: info@eirp.us
Website: www.eirp.us


This website and the entire research project is funded privately. We do not wish to collect money donations...only horse iridology pictures.